Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Apple will release cut-price iPad Mini this year, says New York Times

2012 has seen a huge shift in the way retailers, consumers and manufacturers approach tablets, following the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s recently launched Nexus 7. The latter of which, with its sub-£200 price tag and high-end specification, is one of the most compelling tablet propositions we’ve seen since Apple first launched its iPad way back in 2010.
Google’s Nexus 7 has finished what Amazon’s Kindle Fire started in the US last year: it created a more than viable option for users that don’t want to pay Apple prices for a decent tablet experience.
Tim Cook will be fully aware of how the space is evolving and will no doubt have a plan in place to ensure the dominance of Apple’s iPad. Whether this plan is the iPad Mini, however, remains to be seen, although the evidence for it seems to be mounting on a daily basis.  
Given current market trends though a budget iPad Mini does make a lot of sense, as it would enable Apple to theoretically dominate both ends of the market. The vast majority of consumers, when asked about tablets, automatically think of the iPad. Android has yet to get much of a look in. All this, of course, will change in the coming months and years, which is why an iPad Mini now makes a lot of sense.
Apple needs to strike before Google takes the bottom-end of the space.

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