Thursday, 15 March 2012

How would you make an energy bar, loading progress bar, health meter, or other visual gradually fill up?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Progress : MonoBehaviour {
    public float barDisplay; //current progress
    public Vector2 pos = new Vector2(20,40);
    public Vector2 size = new Vector2(60,20);
    public Texture2D emptyTex;
    public Texture2D fullTex;

    void OnGUI() {
       //draw the background:
       GUI.BeginGroup(new Rect(pos.x, pos.y, size.x, size.y));
         GUI.Box(new Rect(0,0, size.x, size.y), emptyTex);

         //draw the filled-in part:
         GUI.BeginGroup(new Rect(0,0, size.x * barDisplay, size.y));
          GUI.Box(new Rect(0,0, size.x, size.y), fullTex);

    void Update() {
       //for this example, the bar display is linked to the current time,
       //however you would set this value based on your desired display
       //eg, the loading progress, the player's health, or whatever.
       barDisplay = Time.time*0.05f;
//   barDisplay = MyControlScript.staticHealth;

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