Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How do I do root my Android Device?

Before rooting, you might have some questions about it. Fortunately, they've already been answered! Refer to the handy list below:

How do I do root?

First, ensure you understand that you are assuming all risks and will void your warranty. We don't guarantee that any specific program or method will work. This is essentially a summary of information available elsewhere. Once again:your warranties will be voided, you may screw up your phone, and there may also be other adverse effects. If you do not want to risk it, stop now.
The easiest way to root your phone is via "one click" methods. You will have less of a chance of messing up your phone via these methods. However, these "one click" methods are not available for all devices and therefore you will have to go through a manual process using ADB or other tools.Ensure you know what version of Android you have, your phone's firmware and hardware versions, and whether the rooting method you will choose work on those versions.
BE VERY CAREFUL IN MODIFYING ANY INSTRUCTIONS UNLESS YOU WANT AN EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT. We can't guarantee that none of these methods will brick your phone, but trying to mess about on your own is even more dangerous unless you really know what you're doing.








Methods/apps that work across many devices

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